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The best auto mag ever!
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Auto India is India's first all colour monthly auto magazine. Launched in June 1993, AUTO INDIA, pioneered the market and inspired the auto industry and quickly established a leadership position among auto enthusiasts & the industry.

With its attractive pricing and wide distribution, which reaches far flung parts of the country, where most other auto magazines are rarely seen, it soon developed for itself a large and loyal supscription base, which continues till this.

Keeping with changing times, Auto India re energising itself in a new avatar; with greater emphasis on the visual element and on the content which is relevant, comprehensive and vastly entertaining, the new look Auto India is more exiciting, more inviting, more appealing, more "with it". Its vast repertoire of content caters to not only the auto enthusiasts but even to lay persons who enjoy reading Auto India because of its entertaining and interesting range of fare.